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Holiday Hours

We will be closed Monday, December 24th and Tuesday, December 25th (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) to allow our hard-working staff members a break and time with their families. We will also be open New Year’s Eve 9-1 only; closed New Year’s Day. See you in the new year, hopefully, healthy and happy, one and

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FDA alerts consumers, pet owners!

FDA alerts consumers, pet owners not to use products manufactured by King Bio, including Dr. King’s label, homeopathic drug and pet products Firm recalls hundreds of water-based products for humans and pets due to microbial contamination For Immediate Release August 28, 2018 Release The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers and pet owners not

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Prevent Parasites – Ask Your Vet Hospital for Complete Coverage Options

CAPC (Companion Animal Parasite Counsel) Latest Data from Veterinary Reference Laboratories June 2018 Broome County Dogs Lyme 96 new cases diagnosed at the reference labs Year to Date (YTD) 531 (doesn’t count all those diagnosed at hospitals in house) Hookworm 26 new cases YTD 89 Ehrlichiosis 5 new cases YTD 27 Whipworm 3 new cases

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New Season of Baseball Fireworks – Help Is Here For Dogs Frightened of Thunder and Fireworks (and other loud noises)

Sileo is here; recently released by Zoetis. This gel is placed between the cheek and teeth of your dog, ideally 30-60 minutes before the fearful noises. If needed (long thunderstorms, for example) the dose can be repeated again in 2 hours. The sedative and anti-anxiety effects can vary somewhat between individuals but has been proven

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First Aid for Your Pets – May 19th

May 19th – First Aid for Your Pets – by Diane C. Wittner, DVM based on former American Red Cross First Aid for Pets course RSVP by May 15th to 607-238-1246 or furandfeathersvetcare@gmail.com so we can arrange seating and refreshments Tours of facility 11 AM Lecture 11:30 AM Refreshments available No charge (People only – Pets

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Many owners do not realize that their pet’s behavior changes are linked to pain.  Following are the top 5 signs that may indicate your pet is suffering from chronic pain.  If you see some, or many, of these in your pet, call your veterinarian to discuss these signs of pain and control measures. 1 Decreased

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MRD1 (abcb1) Gene Mutation – Drug Sensitivities

Multidrug Sensitivity in Herding Breeds: MDR1 Gene Mutation MDR1 Gene Mutation: The MDR1 gene encodes P-glycoprotein, a drug transport pump that plays an important role in limiting drug absorption and distribution (particularly to the brain), as well as enhancing the excretion of many drugs used in dogs.  Some dogs, particularly herding breeds, have a mutation in

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Holiday Season Vaccinations

Holiday Season is almost upon us – be sure to have your pet’s vaccinations updated, in case there needs to be a quick kennel reservation and visit! Dogs need Kennel Cough and Canine Influenza as well as Distemper/Adeno/Parvo and Rabies. Cats need Distemper/Respiratory and Rabies.