Week of June 15th, 2020 - New Protocols for Patient Visits

Starting Week of June 15th, 2020

COVID-19 Protocols for Clients and Patients of Fur and Feathers Veterinary Care

In order to minimize risks to our staff and clients during this coronavirus infection period, we will be following a few new protocols as mandated by New York State and the CDC.  Please bear with us since some of these protocols will take a little longer to complete, but still allow us to provide thorough care to our patients.

Download from our website (furandfeathersvetcare.com) our history form and complete before arriving.  If you are a new client, download and complete the client information sheet and pet information sheet as well. Bring with your pet(s) to the office.  Plan on having 1 healthy adult (not exposed to COVID19 within 14 days) to bring the pet into the office for the visit.

Call from the car when you arrive at our hospital.  We will confirm your appointment, do COVID19 screening, and confirm your cell number. 607-238-1246. Please be patient if we cannot answer immediately, we will be on the phones with client calls often – retry if you get a busy signal or go to daytime voicemail.

Our staff will let you know when to come into the hospital (wearing an effective face mask over NOSE and MOUTH).  The Assistant will escort you to an exam room.  You will be asked to sign our log of clients with close contact with staff.

The staff will take history (for new clients, enter into computer first) and complete examinations, discussing recommendations for tests and treatments needed.

Once the visit is completed, the client and patient will either be escorted to the checkout window and invoicing completed or if needed, the staff will telephone while you are in the exam room and the fees will be confirmed and method of payment completed.

Once all the transactions are completed, a staff member will escort you out to minimize client overlap.

Thank you in advance for your help and patience with our protocols to minimize human risks during the Coronavirus pandemic.