Avian (Bird) Services

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Pet Birds Are Wonderful Companions with Their Own Special Health Needs

Birds are a wonderful addition to a home. They are charming, clever and engaging to interact with. Birds also have a much easier time hiding health concerns, making it all the more important to ensure you are seeking regular care for your pet birds.

Birds enjoy the kind of longevity that isn't seen in other pets - many pet birds can live up to 50 years. Make sure that your pet bird enjoys a long, healthy life full of love by scheduling regular wellness visits, ensuring your bird receives proper nutrition (for more information on avian nutrition, please visit this article) and seeing that that their hygiene and grooming are kept up with.

If you and your pet are located in Binghamton, or surrounding NY areas such as Johnson City, Vestal, or Apalachin, give us a call to learn more and schedule an appointment. We love our pet birds and we will make sure your birds receive the love and care they deserve.