Client Reviews

BEST.NEWS.EVER!!! Fur and Feathers Veterinary Care will be a huge asset to our community. Dr. Wittner has cared for the Konawinds Goldens for many years. She is the best. She includes the client, when it comes to making decisions as to what is best for their beloved pets. If you have read articles concerning vet care, she is happy to discuss them with you and how it may affect you and your animals. Her diagnostics are excellent!

Heather Baird Lashier

Highly recommend!! Extremely knowledgable, compassionate and listens to the owner!! Knows her limitations and can recommend the best clinic or practice to pursue care! Love Dr. Wittner!!!!

Mandy Welch

Dr. Wittner is an excellent vet and surgeon. Has a great rapport with animals. I am so thrilled she has opened a practice.

Janet Share

I have worked with both Drs and they are the greatest! Calm, patient, very caring, thorough and brilliant Drs. I am so pleased to know they are still in the area!

Susan Wyman

Dr. Wittner is a loving, caring vet! Highly recommend.

Donna Smith Newlon

First visit today with Bentley our Boxer. Highly recommend them! Professional, caring, informative and nice!

Beth Ann May Brooks

First visit today with my senior girl Leila. Awesome service, everyone was very nice and very thorough.

Lauri George

So kind and compassionate. Dr Wittner and John were amazing with the passing of my beloved Tori.

Pamela Fargo Czuhanich

Hi Fur and Feathers,

If you are looking for a veterinary practice that will treat your furry family member like one of their own, Fur and Feathers is the practice for you. Dr Wittner and Dr Personett, and their wonderful staff are highly experienced, compassionate and caring. From the moment you walk through the door they help your pet to relax, so that a visit to the doctor isn't a frightening experience. My pets love to visit their "friends," and I always feel confident that they are receiving the best care available anywhere. Dr Wittner has been my vet for 17 years and I wouldn't go anywhere else.


I can't say enough about Dr Wittner and her entire staff at Fur and Feathers. THE most compassionate group of people I've ever come across. Dr Wittner took such good care of Dublin, our Guinea pig that became suddenly ill only after 5 days of owning him. Unfortunately he passed away, but Dr Wittner performed a necropsy for peace of mind, and advised us he had a heart defect. They gave him back in a box, wrapped in a cloth, and handed us an ornament they made with his paw prints. My daughter and I feel very blessed to have met them all and to know that our older pig, Axel, will have the best care his entire life. Thank you Dr Wittner and all that were a part of our extremely difficult day. You made Dublin's passing just a tad more bearable and I wouldn't want any of my pets, current and future, under anyone else's care.

Lisa Coyne

I went to Fur and Feathers upon a recommendation..Let me tell you...They take absolute amazing care of any animal there. I now take my entire piggy family there. They care about my fur kids just as much as I do. My husband and I had a catastrophe with our guineas and everyone here was more than anything I could have ever asked for. The only true way I feel I can thank them is by spreading the word about what they have done for me and my pets so they can help others. Thank you Dr Wittner, Amanda and everyone else....I know Peaches and Pickles were very grateful for your help. Waffles, Butters and Olive appreciate it as well! Thank you for everything!

Kristy Johnston

Dr's Wittner and Personett are fantastic, compassionate veterinarians. They both cared for our cat J.B. in his final months, and they and their amazing staff (Amanda, John, Stephanie, Haley and Heather) made his final days much more comfortable and fulfilling. He had never been so relaxed in a vets office as he had in their care. We have now entrusted the care of our two new kittens to them, along with two foster cats we are caring for, and they continue to amaze us. One of the foster cats came to us in very rough shape, within weeks there was a huge improvement in his condition, and today there is no sign of his previous chronic issues. We highly encourage our friends to try them out, and recommend that you do too!

James Pandich

I had two situations where I needed to see a Vet quickly but our vet was too busy. I called Fur and Feathers and they were amazing!! Compassionate, and extremely professional. Loved them so much We are switching vets after 25 years.


Dr. Wittner, Dr. Personet, and the entire staff at Fur & Feathers will provide you and your pet with the ultimate in care.

Attention to detail, your needs, and your pet's needs are at the forefront of this practice's operation. I have never seen such a compassionate, comprehensive, and cohesive operation.

I would highly recommend Fur & Feathers to anyone who truly cares about the well being and health of their pet.

Let's face it - we often like our pets more than our family ?. Why trust them to any less than the best?

These pictures are of my buddy when Fur & Feathers first opened - when have you ever seen a dog so relaxed at the vets? Only here.


Absolutely amazed with this vet clinic. My Parakeet wasn't feeling so well, and I took him as soon as I could. Dr Whittner is an outstanding Veterinarian, and she took time to give me helpful tips on how to keep my bird healthy and live a longer life. Being a first time budgie owner, I failed to realize how essential a proper diet is in order to avoid common problem in these types of birds. I believe she saved his life, as it could've most definitely worsened if I didn't switch his food, and gotten him professionally examined by a vet. The receptionists in whom I spoke to were the kindest , and also called to check on my bird which warmed my heart. I will definitely be going here again if needed. Great staff. Very reasonable prices. And super responsive.


The aviary veterinarian is amazing! She truly takes her time to explain everything and loves to do her job. You can tell she takes the time to love and take care of your birds. Gave me some great information as a first time bird owner. I'm happy I made the decision to come here with my pet needs, exceptional service!