Pocket Pets~~Do Your Research First.

The most popular pocket pets are guinea pigs, mice, rats, gerbils, and hamsters. Hedgehogs, chinchillas, and sugar gliders are also popular.
Before you invest your time and money, ask yourself the following questions:
• Do I have room for the animal’s cage?
• What space and exercise needs does the animal have?
• What does the animal eat?
• When does the animal sleep? Night or day?
• Do I have enough time to spend with her?
• How messy is the animal?
• Is the animal comfortable being handled?
• Does the animal prefer to be alone in cage or want company?
• Spay or neuter? Potential problems with anesthesia?
• Lifespan?
• Are they legal to own, in the US and/or in NYS?
• Veterinary care~~how often? Dental needs?
So, do your research before bringing a pocket pet home, but once you do, enjoy your new family member.