LVT Job position available

Licensed Veterinary Technician Job Description

Job Description Summary: The primary purpose and function of the Veterinary Technician is to support the veterinarians, and other staff, in ensuring quality veterinary care, advocating for pets, educating clients and ensuring a safe and effective hospital environment.

Qualifications, Experience, Education, and/or Training:
• Veterinary Technician licensure and registration required (New York State).
• Belief in preventative care to achieve a long and healthy life for each pet.
• You thrive on providing exceptional client and pet experiences.
• You have great computer skills and aptitude.
• Hours must be flexible (day, evening, weekend) when assigned.
• You are comfortable working in an environment with loud noises and strong smells.
• Must be able to perform all required skills of AVMA accredited veterinary technology programs at a level in which to aid in the efficiency of the practice
• You are physically able to interact with animals of all sizes (up to about 150 lbs) and lift/carry/move up to 50 lb loads (e.g., bags of dog food).
• Must be at least 18 years old to perform duties involving radiography (x-ray) and exposure to radioactive substances.
• Graduation from technology program required and passed licensing exam(s) requirements for NYS. Client service experience a plus. Experience a plus but not required.

Job Aspects:
Assist veterinarians in caring for animal patients. Your duties will encompass a wide array of tasks, from keeping medical records to administering vaccinations and medication. General tasks could include: Observing animal patients for changes in behavior; Preparing animals for exams or surgery; Giving animals nursing care or first aid; Collecting and testing lab samples; Preparing lab samples for outside laboratory shipping; Taking and developing X-rays; Giving medications, injections, or treatments; Collecting and maintaining patient records. Acting as the extra eyes, ears and hands for the veterinarians to ensure the best quality pet care and to maximize the veterinarian's effectiveness.
For example: Guiding veterinary medical teams through the cycle of service and communicating with the team to maintain the flow of patients; Assisting with surgery and utilizing your technical skills to the fullest; Conducting complete anesthesia monitoring for all surgeries; Obtaining relevant information and history from clients and maintaining proper and complete medical records; Educating clients about Wellness, preventive care, pet health needs, any diagnosis or treatment, hospital services and other pet related issues; Ensuring the safety of pets, clients and associates by utilizing safe restraining techniques, following standard protocols, and maintaining clean, sterile and organized treatment areas, exam rooms and labs; Providing professional, efficient and exceptional service at all times; Mentoring other paraprofessional team members; Personal and professional development.
• Ability to multi-task-
Manages multiple tasks at one time; quickly and accurately shifts attention among multiple tasks under distracting conditions without loss of accuracy or appearance of frustration.
• Communication skills –
Reads, writes and speaks fluent English, using appropriate grammar, style and vocabulary. Correctly spells commonly used English words and job specific terms. Demonstrates exceptionally strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Organizational ability –
Demonstrates a systematic approach in carrying out assignments. Is very orderly and excels at cutting through confusion and turning chaos into order during occasional overwhelming incidents.
• Problem solving skills –
Demonstrates a strong ability to identify, analyze and solve problems. Translates problems into practical solutions.
• Client service skills –
Consistently ensures the team provides the client with attentive, courteous and informative service. Gains and shows personal satisfaction from delivering great service.
• Intellectual ability –
Accurately and consistently follows instructions delivered in an oral, written or diagram format. Can provide directions / instructions to clients and staff.
• Mathematical ability –
Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide, and to compute rate, ratio and percent; ability to convert units of measurement.
• Computer skills –
Comfortably and confidently uses a computer and specialized medical software, as well as Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel and other programs.

Employment Type: Full-Time and/or Part-Time