It's that time of year

• Some dogs just love to go on car trips. It doesn’t matter where to, they just want to be with the family.
• If the car trip is to run errands, even quick stops, it is best to leave your dog safely at home where it is cool rather than risk his life in a parked car.
• When left in a parked car, even for short periods of time, pets are susceptible to heat stroke, brain damage and death.
• Temperatures rise quickly in parked car
• Even days that seem mild to humans may be extremely treacherous for our canine companions. On a warm day, the temperature in a parked car can reach dangerous levels, as high as 120º, in a matter of minutes, even with the car window partially open.
• Because dogs' only method for cooling off are panting and sweating through their paws, they can succumb to high temperatures in very short periods of time.
• Cracking the window does not cool the car down
In the vast majority of deaths, pet owners probably believe they are taking the necessary precautions, such as parking in a shady area, cracking the window or leaving the car's air conditioning running.
• Unfortunately, these methods have all proven ineffective in keeping temperatures at safe levels. There was a horrific incident a few years ago, where a dog handler, with over 10 dogs in her RV, lost every single one. The air conditioner was on, and plugged into the hotel’s exterior wall. A circuit breaker was thrown, while handler was napping inside the motel, resulting in untold tragedy. You just NEVER know what could happen, despite your best intentions.
• Dogs will die if left in hot parked cars too long
Every year, dogs suffer an agonizing death after being left in hot cars. The most tragic aspect of these deaths is that they are completely preventable. Please, pet owners~~leave your pets at home during the summer months.