Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Measuring

Announcing Blood Pressure Measuring

For our senior and geriatric cats and dogs, measuring trends in blood pressure is becoming more recognized as an aid in finding and treating problems early.  Cats especially need this monitoring because chronic renal dysfunction and/or hyperthyroidism (both frequent in cats 8 years and older) are causes of hypertension which causes the original disease to get worse and around and around.

We now have a PetMAP graphic II machine and cuffs to be able to take blood pressures in the examination rooms (or treatment room if a pet is calmer there).  This machine has specialized settings to accommodate cats and dogs and whether the cuff is on the base of the tail, a front leg or a hind leg and another setting for animals other than cats/dogs.

Call the office to schedule a blood pressure baseline test – and if already on medicine to control hypertension, we can now monitor that the dose is correct for your pet.