(photo of: Fur and Feathers Veterinary Care Staff at Pet Expo 2015)

Dr. Personett's love of animals started when she was seven years old and began taking riding lessons. Because her father was active duty military, the family did not get a horse or dog of their own for another six years but the riding lessons continued. When she was 13, the family got their first dog and first two horses.

During high school, Dr. Personett decided to become a veterinarian and graduated to Colorado State University (CSU) where she received a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degrees. Two of the family's horses went to Veterinary School with her, although they did not take any classes.

While in veterinary school, Dr. Personett was mentored by Dr. Simon Turner, an equine surgeon. He encouraged her to do advanced training after veterinary school. She went on to a large animal internship with an equine concentration at the University of Tennessee's Veterinary School followed by an equine surgery residency at Michigan State University (MSU) Veterinary School. While at MSU, she acquired her first two Labrador retrievers, Jessie and Justin.

After her residency, Dr. Personett decided to go into private practice and moved to Western NY with her two horses and two Labradors where she joined a 75% equine and 25% small animal practice. In 1985, she started her own equine-only practice, Great Lakes Equine Practice, (GLEP), concentrating on equine medicine, surgery, and emergency work. In 1996, Dr. Personett became a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA) and began doing small animal acupuncture in addition to her equine practice. The practice became known as Great Lakes Equine & Veterinary Acupuncture Practice (GLEVAP). GLEVAP became the largest non-track equine practice in Western NY.

Eighteen years after starting GLEVAP, Dr. Personett decided she needed a break from the stresses of equine practice and became an employee of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). She stayed with USDA for 10 years but she missed the practice of veterinary medicine and decided to go back to private practice. She became an associate veterinarian at the Oneonta Veterinary Hospital doing small animal medicine, surgery, and emergencies.

While in equine practice, two more Labradors and three more horses (one at a time) were added to the family. Dr. Personett's interest in Labrador retrievers expanded beyond having them as pets to showing in the conformation, obedience, and agility rings. Her kennel name is Waifin Labradors. Many more generations of Labradors have since been produced at Waifin including US, CAN, Dutch, Swedish, German, and French Champions, most with working titles as well as therapy dogs, a seizure dog, and dogs who are companions for children with Asperger's Syndrome. Currently, she has two Labs who are all beloved pets. She hopes to get back in the show ring soon with the youngest Waifin Labrador, Emma, aka WAIFIN'S FLIGHT OF FANCY.

Years in Practice: 36
Education: Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine