John P.B.

John P.B.


John's foray into the veterinary field started as a result of a very negative experience with euthanasia. He wanted to be able to help others, who would experience a similar situation, helping them to realize that they are not alone and that there are better ways to approach this extremely difficult time with their animals.

John has been a veterinary assistant for 19 years, and loves being an integral part of a caring team. He has been compared to an animal whisperer and his way with them is phenomenal.

He is the proud owner of eight dogs and five cats. Growing up surrounded by animals on his family farm, John truly loves working with pets of all kinds. John has worked with quite the menagerie of fur and feathers, from dogs and cats to camels and giraffes.

Other interests include involvement in community theater, working with SRO Productions, as well as singing with a local band. Painting is also a passion of his.

John plans to make your visit with us a positive and enjoyable experience. He looks forward to meeting many new furry and feathery friends.
Years in Practice: 19
Interests Furry and Feathered Pets, Singing, Theater, and Performing. Decorating and Cooking

Years in Practice: 15
Interests: Furry and Feathered Pets, Singing, Theater and Performing, Decorating, and Cooking