Heather L.

Heather L.


After being a pet owner for decades, I am thrilled to be part of the pet health care professionals here at Fur and Feathers Veterinary Care. Having been a history teacher for 33 years, I love making the transition from nurturing my high school students to helping nurture our beloved pets.

I am the very proud and happy owner of three Golden Retrievers, Belleek, Katya, and Greeley. I am also Mom to two sons Garrett and Colin, and Nahni to 4 beautiful grandchildren. My children are grown and gone, so now I share my home with Goldens, and they share all their pet hair with me! I would not have it any other way. I never worry about being cold at night, as my bed is one of their favorite places to sleep.

To me, Goldens are like potato chips - you cannot have just one. Much of my spare time is spent keeping them groomed and happy. I also have a love for photography and have enjoyed documenting the renovations, surgeries, and pets here at Fur and Feathers Veterinary Care.

Seeing Fur and Feathers Veterinary Care grow from a mere idea to a state of the art clinic, has been amazing. Being able to be part of this process with my best friend, Dr. Diane Wittner, has brought true joy. Coming to know Dr. Leslie Personett and learning a lot from her, has been terrific.

Years in Practice: 4
Interests: Caring for my 4 Golden Retrievers~~ Tierney, Belleek, Katya, and Greeley
Photography, My Family