Ali S.

Licensed Veterinary Technician:

Ali joined Fur and Feathers for the chance to work with Nancy in May of 2022, after coming from a large emergency hospital in San Diego, California. A Binghamton area native, her time in the Navy has sent her all over the world, but her lifelong dedication to animals and their people remains unchanged.

She graduated from PIMA Medical Institute with her Veterinary Assistant degree and moved quickly on to finishing Veterinary Technology and is currently working on a BS in Animal health and behavior. Both of her externships and first job in the field were at Animal Medical Center of El Cajon where she worked through the ranks to care mostly for critical hospitalized patients.

When not at Fur and Feathers, Ali enjoys spending time with her fantastic partner and two tweenage kiddos. Her house is also shared with four living room lions (cats), two fluffy German Shepherds, a handful of aquatic friends, and a lizard. She also likes reading, doing crafts and going on adventures with her family. Ali is very excited to meet and work with all of Fur and Feathers amazing clients and their best friends, furry, scaled and feathered alike.